How to Create a Sacred Space

Pick a spot

Creating a sacred space is about giving yourself a specific area to reflect, meditate, pray and practice anything else that rejuvenates your spirit.

Select any spot that speaks to you. This could be your bedroom floor, a corner of your home office, the bathtub, an area in your backyard...any place you like! As long as it is an uninterrupted place where you can go time and time again, you're golden.

Pro tip: Natural lighting is known to boost mood, enhance intuition and create a stronger sense of well-being. Windows are our friends!

Set your intention

An intention is a clear and positive vision or statement that guides you to an outcome you wish to experience.

EX: "My intention is to create a serene place for myself, where I feel grounded, renewed and centered in my mind, body and spirit."

This world we live in is a crazy, fast-paced environment in which our inner thoughts often get shoved down to deal with the "urgencies" of every day life.

Having a sacred place to escape to is a beautiful and underrated thing. Take some time, sit down with yourself and set a specific intention (or 2) about what this space means for you and your life.

Remove as many electronics as possible

This will aid in staying (hopefully) uninterrupted during your time here, as well as keep unhealthy toxins and radiation waves from entering your realm.

Fill it with YOUR favorite things

The reason it is sacred is because it's yours!

Grab your beloved blankie, singing bowls, an eye mask, your favorite book, a Bible, essential oils to use during your practice, ANYTHING that makes your heart happy and put it here.


Make it cozy

Make your space as comfortable as possible by adding a yoga mat, fuzzy blankets, a meditation cushion, a rug or just LOTS of pillows.

Place candles nearby to create a perfectly moody atmosphere.

And a speaker for some chill beats, piano music, binaural beats, guided meditation podcasts, whatever you're into.

Depending on where your selected area is, hanging white sheer draperies can add an element of whimsy. 

Set the tone

One of the most important components of your sacred space, is the energy it holds.

By taking time to cleanse it, you are showing the space your pure intentions. You can purify the area with a white sage burn, adding salt to corners of the room, burning incense, putting on high frequency music, adding crystals such as selenite or black tourmaline, sing/hum or our!

Adding your own positive energy into the space is the best way to set the tone.


Add an SOE piece!

Sorry, we had to. But seriously...Adding plants (faux or live) and of course, crystals to the space will raise the vibration in the room creating light around you.

It would make our dreams come true if you created your sacred space, took a picture of it and tagged us so we can see your beautiful creations.

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