5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!!!

Hello friends! Who else needs help with last minute gift ideas for their special lady? Yeah us too...procrastination nation is in full force...what's new?

But don't worry too much, we have pulled together some killer last minute UNIQUE gift ideas that will have your Mama (or anyone else you'd like to spoil) smiling from ear to ear. Basically, read up because we've got you covered.

Here are 5 unique gift ideas perfect for Mother's day or any other special occasion.

**We want to also encourage everyone to shop around your area and find local small businesses that could use your help and support during this weird time. We speak for all small local businesses when we say, it is always appreciated. AZ Local Business ideas down below 💕

1) Baked Goods

What woman doesn't love a nice baked good? This is an easy move to score you some serious brownie points. (get it, brownies?)

Search around your area for a local bakery (kudos to you if it's family owned) and grab your Mama her favorite edible treat. Or two because she deserves it.

OORRR you can get crafty in your own kitchen and whip up some home-made goodies.

For any local Arizonians here are some of our favorite options for bakeries:

The Great Gadsby Bakery - Gilbert, Arizona


Gluten Free Creations - Scottsdale, Arizona


Honeymoon Sweets - Tempe, Arizona


Silver Rose Bakery - Peoria, Arizona



2) Books

When a lady can't go out to events, restaurants, public parks, yoga class, or even happy hour with the girls, what the heck is there to do?

Reading is always an option for some quality quite time that all mothers deserve.

Most bookstores are still open (for pick-up only) or of course, there is always amazon if you like to things the modern way.

Picking your mom up a book she has been eye-balling for a while or finding one about a topic she's interested in, shows you're not only paying attention but that you value her alone time.

Go grab that woman a book and wrap it all pretty!

Local AZ Book stores:

Book Gallery - Mesa, Arizona (there is also a location in Phoenix)


Books - Phoenix, Arizona


Dog-Eared Pages - Phoenix, Arizona


 Since we are on the topic of quite time...

3) Self-Care Products

Getting any women self-care products is a true testimony of love.

Natural hand creams, face masks, bath bombs, massaging tools, jade rollers, candles, essential oils, the list goes ON! You could even do a cute little basket with a mix of all the mentioned goodies!

A more affordable option may be to go on Pinterest and try some DIY self-care products and package them in mason jars for a home-made gift!

Local AZ Self-Care Product Suppliers:

Arizona Soap Supply - Chandler, Arizona


Avalei Gardens - Lakeside, Arizona


Sweet P Skin Care - Tucson, Arizona


4) Online Courses / Memberships

With the majority of us having MUCH more at-home / free-time than ever before, tons of people who are spending their time wisely and learning!!!

If your mom has mentioned wanted to try out a new skill or get better at one of her hobbies, consider investing in an online course / membership for her. Not only would this mean the world to her, but she may even gain some new cool skills to pass onto you!







5) Home Decor

Since we all have to be stuck in our homes, we want them to be as pleasant as possible. And this applies to your Mama as well.

Home Decor can range from a hand-made painting you've created, to a new "Welcome" mat. The options are endless and the choices run wide.

Make sure to keep your Mom's style in mind when picking out a new item for her home. And if you can, shop local or make something yourself! :)

Just a reminder that here at SOE, we are a small family owned business of 3 gals who like to make crystal/plant home decor for YOU!

Let us know how we can serve your family, and if you have any ideas for a custom piece in mind. ✨

Enjoy this Mother's Day and shower that precious woman in so much LOVE and LIGHT!


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